British Supermarkets in Spain

There are British supermarkets all over Spain, for those lovely goodies you just can’t live without.  Friends and family can only do so much in keeping up with your tea fix so the great British Supermarket in Spain was born. According to these British supermarkets there is a trend in the favourite things of British expatriates in Spain. Here are the top 10 favourites:


Love it or hate it, there is a definite trend within every supermarket in Spain, they all sell Marmite. There is no equivalent here in Spain and it seems we just can’t live without it.

Branston Pickle

A cheese sandwich just isn’t the same without a bit of pickle and there is nothing like it in Spain. It looks like the British supermarkets will need to keep importing it for some time to come.

Fruit cordial

For some reason you just can’t buy fruit cordial in Spain. You are limited to fizzy pop, fruit juice or water (plus alcohol, tea and coffee for adults) but there is nothing in concentrated form where you can just add water.


Whether it is PG Tips, Tetleys, Typhoo or Yorkshire tea, this survey proves that Britain is still a nation of tea drinkers and emigrating doesn’t change that!


Although easy to make, it seems the British expatriates still love a Fray Bentos pie in a tin! 

Cheddar cheese

Despite the abundance of cheese in Spanish shops, it seems that a good Cheddar/Lancashire/Wensleydale is extremely hard to come by and is still a popular item in British supermarkets in Spain.


This is a no-brainer, I have never come across the equivalent in Spain and while we can easily live without them, they are a popular indulgent treat for British supermarket shoppers. 


Not any old chocolate I hasten to add, it has to be Cadbury’s. While there is a huge range of Spanish chocolate, you just can’t get good old Cadbury’s here and there is nothing quite like it.


Jaffa Cakes, Jammie Dodgers, chocolate Digestives, Walkers shortbread, Hobnobs, Cadbury Fingers, I could go on, all still very popular in British supermarkets and not available in Spain…so far.


Heinz baked beans

The original and best, still as popular as ever but as some Spanish supermarkets are jumping on this bandwagon, Heinz beans may not be in the top 10 for much longer.


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What items can you not live without? Let us know your favourite British items in Spain and tell us if there is anything you just can’t get hold of?


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