Keeping cool in the Spanish summer


There are many, many ways to stay cool in the hot Spanish summer, not all of them are expensive so there are options for all budgets and situations. Here are just some of your options for keeping cool in the Spanish summer:



Most houses have air-conditioning in some form or other, it isn’t the cheapest option but it can be a life-saver in the height of summer. There have been improvements in recent years in air-conditioning units and most are now equipped with an economy mode which enables you to set the temperature and the unit will turn off when that temperature is reached. Some units can also provide air-heating as well as air-cooling so they can be used all year round.



Ceiling fans, standing fans, table-top fans, hand-held fans, your options are many when it comes to this method of keeping cool. A ceiling fan can provide a gentle breeze to cool your damp skin, standing fans can give a blast of moving air to help you to cope with the heat. Hand held fans can be carried with you wherever you go and you don’t often see a Spanish lady, in the hottest part of summer, without a beautifully decorated fan in her hand.


Open/closed windows

It may sound obvious to open a window when it’s hot but it can have a surprisingly detrimental effect on the temperature of your home. You need to learn where the sun is in relation to your windows, close all windows and blinds or shutters when the sun is on them. Only open your windows when the air temperature outside is cooler than inside, such as early morning or late evening.


Food and drinks

What you eat and drink can make a huge difference to your body temperature. The obvious ones are eating cold food rather than hot such as salads, which also has the additional effect of hydrating you. Drink lots of cool drinks, particularly water. Even hot and spicy food can cool you down by making you sweat, they can’t have been wrong in India for generations can they? Despite old wives tales to the contrary, hot drinks such as tea and coffee do not cool you down. Neither does alcohol as it raises your body temperature, although beer is said to be very hydrating in hot weather!



Last, but by no means least, is swimming. My personal favourite cooling method and the one that is most effective by far, swimming takes down your body temperature and the effects last far longer than sitting in front of a fan. Ok not everyone is fortunate to have their own swimming pool, but if you can go to a municipal pool, visit a friend or buy a paddling pool for the patio, it is highly recommended.


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How do you keep cool? Are there any tried and tested methods we have missed off the list?

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