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Pretty much gone are the days when we would begin a holiday or long journey by squinting over the pages of a large AA map, tracing the yellow lines in an attempt to work out the best way to get from A to B.

For many, the inevitable arguments that broke out between ‘driver’ and ‘navigator’ as you desperately tried to get off the correct exit on the ring road around Sevilla were part and parcel of a family holiday abroad.

GPS maps put an end to the fun, and now the biggest problem most people have is which celebrity voice to choose for the trip.

New data from Android has revealed to just what extent the world has become geographically familiar. It is reported that Google Maps have expanded their navigation programme to a further 20 countries - mainly in Africa and South America - bringing an impressive total of 104 countries under Google’sradar.

Google Maps has become one of the world’s most popular mobile applications, and with people now consulting Google more and more, it could be essential to the success of your business that you place it firmly on the map.

At ewngetsit.com , we have the perfect solution: The Best Business Directory in Spain. Our directory features the Google Maps system, allowing customers to pin-point the exact location of your business.
Source: searchengineland.com 

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EWNGETSIT.com is the newest and brightest professional online business directory for any business based in Spain. Not only does this Spanish business directory attract clients to you, it is backed up by the power of the Euro Weekly News media group. 

EuroWeeklyNews, Spain´s biggest English newspaper, with six newspapers read by half a million people every week; together with the EuroWeeklyNews website packed full of Spanish news, point directly to this site, guaranteeing plenty of online interest for our clients.

We offer flexibility and can tailor listings to individual business needs. You may enter your business into several categories to increase your business opportunities.

We offer ongoing support ensuring you are always in control of the information in the listings for an annual fixed fee. Professional business listing service by EWN Group.

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