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In this day and age a website is one of the most important tools – if not the most important – in promoting your business. With the majority of people ‘online’ these days, it’s a foolhardy business owner who doesn’t think a website is necessary.

But even with a beautifully designed website that looks great and ticks all the right boxes, there is no guarantee that customers are going to find it. You are competing with countless other businesses in the same field, and the online customer has a wide range of choices when sitting in front of their computer and looking for something to click on. So what can you do to draw potential customers to your site?

Web monitoring site has just the answer in an article outlining the benefits of listing your business in an online directory. An online directory is a compilation of sites organised by specific category or area. “Since directories are categorised by topics, a person can arrive in the directory and have one-click access to a variety of resources,” states the article. “You definitely want to be one of those resources!”

Being listed in an online directory gives you an edge over your competitors as it’s basically a Yellow Pages for the internet, but only those who have signed up to the directory appear. By joining up, you are one step ahead of rival companies who have not, attracting traffic to your site and generating future business.

So why not sign up with the EWN online directory? We have the best compilation of local and national businesses online and by being listed with us you are only one click away from potential customers. It’s quick and it’s easy and it’s a sure-fire way of boosting your business to the top of the pile.


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Do you get it? is the newest and brightest professional online business directory for any business based in Spain. Not only does this Spanish business directory attract clients to you, it is backed up by the power of the Euro Weekly News media group. 

EuroWeeklyNews, Spain´s biggest English newspaper, with six newspapers read by half a million people every week; together with the EuroWeeklyNews website packed full of Spanish news, point directly to this site, guaranteeing plenty of online interest for our clients.

We offer flexibility and can tailor listings to individual business needs. You may enter your business into several categories to increase your business opportunities.

We offer ongoing support ensuring you are always in control of the information in the listings for an annual fixed fee. Professional business listing service by EWN Group.

To make sure your business is listed into the best business directory Spain, and guarantee top search engine results, please contact us for more information.


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