The times they are a-changing

How times have changed! When once people would gauge the weather by having a look at the weather vane on the roof, or determine forecasts by simply looking skyward and seeing if there were clouds about, nowadays we rely on advanced technological data that still manages to, somehow, often get it wrong.

However, the growth in computer technology has helped us predict weather patterns and give accurate enough forecasts, with most of us looking upon them as indicators as to whether or not we need to take a brolly with us to work tomorrow. But a new supercomputer that weighs as much as 11 double-decker buses could give us even more accurate weather forecasts, right down to a few hundred metres.

The £97 million (€124 million), 140-ton supercomputer that can perform 16 trillion calculations per second is to be employed by the Met Office in the UK to predict more accurate weather patterns. The machine is 13 times more powerful than the current system and is due to be implemented in 2015.

Fifty years ago none of us knew what a computer was. In just a short space of time, however, computers have grown from simple, clunky–looking problem solvers to absolute necessities in the running of, well, pretty much everything. There is more computing power in the average smart phone than there was in early computer models. Nearly every home has one, and now they can tell us if the crossroads at the end of the street will be foggy at 3pm on Monday.

Most of us simply cannot function without a computer in our lives to help us with everything from booking airline tickets to ordering the groceries. Businesses too, have benefited greatly from the computer revolution. By signing up to an online directory, your business is given a higher online profile that will separate yours from your competitors. Not being listed in an online directory is the modern day equivalent of sticking your hand out the window to see if it’s raining. Get on board with the EWN online directory and join the computer revolution!

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