2015 the year to get online

 AS if we needed further proof that the internet is part and parcel of everyday life now, a new study reveals that the use of the internet in Europe has surged to sky-high levels. Figures published this week by the European Union (EU) reveal that the number of Europeans who regularly surf the net has doubled since 2006.

The size of the European market is why many American tech giants are viewing the EU as one of their largest opportunities. Perhaps the biggest tech giant of them all, Google, has released its interesting info for 2014; a year that saw “what is love?” as the most asked question searched, and “who unfollowed me?” as the most asked question relating to social media. Among others of the trillions of searches for the year were “is Ebola airborne?” and “how to be an astronaut?”

Interesting stuff, but even more interesting is the news that in 2015 the European Commission is planning a pan-European market for online and telecom services with the aim of reducing bureaucracy and helping companies sell their digital services across the region. This is great news for business owners who conduct much of their business online.

Given the revealing internet statistics and the massive growth of internet use in Europe, business owners who aren’t online would be well advised to join the tech revolution. The internet is often the first stop for people searching for businesses and services in their area, and if yours isn’t online then you are missing out on a multitude of potential customers.

By joining up with our Online Business Directory you are promoting your business in your area and raising your internet profile above that of your competitors. You may not attract as many enquiries as the people looking to find out what love is, but the evidence is growing that your business needs to be online in 2015 and beyond.

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