An Apple a day...well 827,778 actually!

TECH giant Apple has been having a good time of it recently. Profits are of course the raison d’etre for being in business and Apple has made some serious profit. In a week that smashed every previous profit-record in the books, Apple announced that during the first quarter of the 2015 fiscal year, the company sold a record 74.5 million iPhone handsets – that’s 575 iPhones sold every single minute (or 827,778 per day). And the result for the Apple bank account? A whopping $18 billion (€15.8 billion) in profits. That’s billion, not million. A record-breaker. The company is now worth $178 billion (€157 billion).

How smartphones – of which the iPhone is the most popular – have taken over our lives is something that even only 10 years ago might have appeared like something out of a science fiction movie. Take a look around you wherever you are – in a café, on the train, waiting for a bus. The majority of people who aren’t on the move are gazing intently at the little black screen in their hands. They’re swiping and typing, tweeting and ‘like’-ing, and if we’d seen today’s everyday scenes of people glued to the little technological devices in their hands in a movie 10 years ago, we’d have thought: “what a strange vision of the future.”

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